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Halal Catering Guide for Your Next Event

Halal is a set of guidelines within the Islamic dietary practices that dictate what and how they should consume food.

It caters to individuals who choose to eat halal food for ethical reasons, including the avoidance of animal cruelty.

So, whether you are catering to Muslims or not, halal meals require proper planning to ensure that you source the right ingredients.

Here are the key principles of halal and how you can carry out your catering to ensure the success of your event.

Key Principles of Halal

According to the Quran and Hadith—sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad—halal is food that Muslims should only eat if it follows the set rules and guidelines.

These include:

  • Avoid pork and all its by-products including fat, and blood.

  • Avoid consuming alcohol or anything that can lead to intoxication or impairment like drugs.

  • Only consume meat slaughtered in accordance with specific Islamic methods. This involves calling out the name Allah during the slaughtering.

  • Never consume food even if it is halal if it has been in contact with non-halal items.

  • Always check for halal certification to verify that the food product adheres to halal guidelines.

Planning Your Halal Event

For your halal catering to be successful, you need to make a plan first.

You should consider the number of guests you expect to grace the event when making a well-structured plan.

This makes it easier for you to know the quantity of food and seating arrangements before you start designing the menu.

Then, create a budget for everything from food, decor, venue, and any other costs.

Next, develop a schedule and share it with your team and guests. This will ensure they observe time and know when they should eat, including meal times, prayer breaks, and other activities.

For example, the table below shows a sample schedule for a halal catering event for a professional conference, seminar, or workshop.



12:00 PM

Welcome and introduction

12:30 PM

Lunch buffet

​2:00 PM

Prayer break and networking

3:00 PM

Workshop sessions and Q&A

4:00 PM

Closing remarks

4:45 PM

Coffee/tea and dessert

Creating a Menu

A halal event relies on the menu. When planning, ensure you have factored in purchasing only halal ingredients.

Or you can hire reputable halal caterers like Chachi’s Chai Bar in Scarborough and Pickering Ontario

But no matter which option you use, ensure halal compliance by:

  1. Sourcing halal-certified ingredients

  2. Verifying meat, animal products, and additives

  3. Preventing cross-contamination risks

  4. Not serving any alcoholic drinks

  5. Have a separate area to prepare and cook halal meals

Also, accommodate individual dietary needs. Ensure that your halal menu caters to dietary preferences like vegetarian, gluten-free, and others.

Next, decide which service to offer, buffet or plated.

A buffet service lets the guest choose their portion sizes and combinations of dishes. A plated service, on the other hand, provides a more personalized touch because the guest must choose which meal to consume ahead of time.

Then, be sure to list the halal ingredients used in your dishes. You can include a section in the menu for plated service.

For buffer service, you can clearly label each dish with a halal indicator, using standardized symbols or labels that are universally recognized

Additionally, you can incorporate a cute blackboard or whiteboard and list down all the ingredients used using visually appealing fonts.

Enhancing the Experience

For a better halal experience, it should extend beyond the meals you provide. It involves creating an environment that is respectful, accommodating and sensitive to the needs of your guests.

For instance, you can do the following:

  1. Communicate the halal options available in advance so that the guests can have the time to decide what they will eat.

  2. Train all the staff to address guest inquiries about the menu, ingredients, and preparation methods.

  3. Choose decor that is in alignment with the cultural and religious preferences of your halal-eating guests.

  4. Provide a designated area for guests to perform their prayers during the event. The designated prayer area should be quiet and respectful to allow guests a peaceful moment.

Get Professional Halal Catering Service From Chachi’s Chai Bar

To ensure you serve your guests with halal meals during your event, in Scarborough and Pickering Ontario, hire Chachi’s Chai Bar.

At Chachi’s Chai Bar, we have the expertise to prepare mouthwatering halal meals.

We also take great care to prepare each meal in accordance with halal principles, ensuring that every ingredient used adheres to the highest halal standards.

Contact us today and let us help you serve your guests with a diverse menu of halal meals that cater to all their tastes.

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